Monday, January 12, 2009

My favorite green/teal color eyeshadows

I know they (who is "they" anyways? I say do what you want!) say don't match your eyeshadow to your eye color but I kinda like to do that sometimes. I think it makes your eyes pop even more. I have greenish/teal/blue eyes so I like to kinda play them up with a matching color. These two colors are my FAVORITE.

My #1 favorite is by Urban Decay and it's called Green Goddess. It's a very pretty green/tealish color with gold in it. It's simply stunning. It was so much pigmentation it's unreal. $16

My 2nd favorite is called Surreal by MAC. This one is more teal than green and it also has some gold in it. With the camera flash this also appears to have some blue in it. This has great pigmentation but not as good as the Urban Decay. MAC 14.50

Both are the same size... 1.5g.


Without flash- left to right- Urban Decay and MAC

With Flash


Erin Allison said...

Both great colors! :)

Sarai said...

sarah!! thats like your eyecolor! are you going to do a look with them on? i'd love to see it! xoxo said...

I never listen to those people, in fact many make-up artists would suggest using a colour wheel and wearing the colours in your spectrum just a you have done.
Have you tried MAC Steamy? I think you might like that, its a gorgeous green/blue with subtle gold shimmer. xo

MakeupLover_X said...

those colours are gorgeous :)

Stefanie said...

great colours! and I say 'meh' to makeup rules :)

smiley13tree said...
its about japanese straightening. her hair texture looks so nice and straight!! didnt know where to put this, but it reminded me of how u were interested. :P

emmajane1181 said...

I have Green Goddess and I love it, sooo pretty!

What's you Youtube name? I didn't realise you did videos until I read it on a comment on your blog :)