Monday, January 12, 2009

Estee Lauder Holiday blush palette

I got this blush palette in their holiday box set for Christmas from my Grandpa. That was thoughtful of him! *smiles*
This palette is pretty decent. It's pretty small and great to throw in your purse. It's like 2x3 in size.
The first color in the palette (left to right)is called Bronze Goddess. It's a beautiful brown bronzer with gold flecks. Perfect for some color on your face and works as an amazing contour.
Second color is called Nude Rose and it's a dark peach pink... this one is just alright. It's pretty but not my fave.
And lastly is called Pink Kiss. This is a bright pink color with gold flecks. Looks kinda close to NARS orgasum but with more pigmentaion.
These are all signature colors so I believe you can buy them separatly at Estee Lauder.

3 comments: said...

Their holiday palettes and kits this year were amazing. Estee Lauder are back on form x

Holly said...

I love estee lauder, doesn't get the recognition she deserves!x

Stefanie said...

Lovely little palette, what a perfect travel item! Nice selection of colours too :)