Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A cheaper way....

Mizzworthy has informed me that there is a much better and cheaper way to go about getting a very quick face with mineral make-up than I told you about in my previous post about the Philosophy's Supernatural powder. I had heard about the Puff Jar from Everyday Minerals a while ago but I didn't give it much thought because I already had the Supernatural powder with a puff jar. The Supernatural is a good product but I love Bare Minerals 10X's better. I would use the Supernatural because it did give me a nice result and it was suuuppper quick but I wouldn't use it if I was going out anywhere important, ya know?
So, Missworthy reminded me about it and it's only $4 (the Supernatural is $34)!!! It comes empty to you can add your very favorite mineral powder to it. As I said about the Supernatural this puff jar makes for a quick mess free face... no brushes required. Quickly buff on your mineral make-up with this jar and you are good to go. Throw it in your purse for quick touch up's! No need to bring the whole jar and brushes anymore!

Check it out here at ... I'm off to order it, too!:)
Thanks, Mizzworthy!:)