Monday, December 8, 2008

Zoom Whiting and all things shallow...

I have an appt. in January to get my teeth zoom whitened! I'm SO excited! Super blinding white teeth here I come!
Has anyone else gotten this done and if so what did you think of the end result?
My close family and friends know that I'm soooo obsessed with anything cosmetic... if I had a million dollars oh baby watch out because a lot of people would be getting a lot of money from me.
For example.. here I am just given still down town checking things out and we are talking about BOTOX! WHAT??? My OB does botox in his office and I once asked him about it and he told me to talk to him when I wasn't after I gave birth my mother in-law says to my doctor "tell her she doesn't need botox" because she knew I had a complex about my doctor saying that I needed it... and looks me right in the eye and winks... "we'll talk! Next time you come in we'll see what we can do." Noooo wrong answer... he was supposed to say "You are kidding, right? You don't need botox... your fine!" Ha ha... now I want botox because he gave me a complex!
And the list goes on of things I want but we won't talk about that today!:)
Back... to the zoom I'd like to hear any ones feelings about it... or botox or anything shallow and completely fabulous like that!:)


nikkiga1530 said...
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Jordan said...

You honestly don't need anything cosmetic done. And you didn't need it before ;) You are NATURALLY beautiful. God has truly blessed you. To me you look JUST like Megan Fox. You are one of the most beautiful girls I know and you have a heart to match! Goldsmith is just old and crazy lol

Sarah Bella said...

@Jordan- Thanks Jordan! That's sooo beyond sweet of you!!:) Yea right... wish I looked like Megan Fox... if I did maybe I wouldn't complain so much! LOL
Thanks for all you said though!
Means a lot!:!)