Friday, December 12, 2008

Youtube Contest Time

I'm gonna try and make the video sometime tomorrow but I got one of the last Chroma Face Glows in Moonstone/Sunstone today. I know a lot of people were having a hard time getting their hands on it. So, I wanted to make sure someone who really wanted it could get the chance to try it. You can choose either one! I suggest the Sunstone though!:)
So, all you have to do it subscribe to my youtube and leave a comment.
It doesn't matter where you are from..USA, France, Africa, Mexico... it's my gift to you!:)

Have a good night... and I'll try and get the video up sometime tomorrow!:)



Av said...

Will check out your video - thanks for the competition x

iheartmakeup said...

That's very sweet of you!

Emma said...

Very sweet AND very lucky *gasps* a FULL stand! We have N.Y.C in the UK but none chroma glow : (