Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanks Rite Aid though I don't like you

I went out to Rite Aid's like 2 miles from my house... I don't usually go to Rite Aid... anyone that knows me knows that I hate Rite Aid for some odd reason ( I needed an US Weekly to curl up with on this cold windy night). I grew up going to CVS so that's what I prefer plus I think the CVS stores are cleaner and nicer but that's a whole different story.
Anyway, on to my story...I must live in the most boring/uncool town because look what I found...

I think my town is the only town in the US that has any of these left...let alone a FULLY stocked display.
I picked one more up for my contest. Now I have two Sunstones and one moonstone to give away.
I know they aren't like $50 products and they are from the drugstone but they are limited edition and I just wanted to give some people who couldn't get them a chance to try them..ya know? Plus I really like the Sunstore a lot. It's a very pretty color!


Yelebella said...

You are very sweet for doing that!

3ate4 said...

I agree with Yelebella :)
Your whole town must be mad! or they all go to CVS like you!
Would be really happy to win but then again, I would be for whoever does. If I don't, i'll have to wait my turn to come across them somehow. :) Hope you got another for yourself, too!

nikkiga1530 said...

I hate Rite Aid too. Much rather go to CVS,most definitely a cleaner store, but neither one in my town or the towns around have these! I guess they don't think we need these in the South. I have one I got on MUA and am savoring it as I go...LOL.

Sarah Bella said...

We don't have a CVS in my town either.. and that's why I hate Rite Aid even more. When I got married I moved away from the town I grew up in and now we don't have a CVS...and that's sooo weird to me because it's a fairly big town and we have like 5 stupid Rite Aids! LOL

nikkiga1530 said...

I don't know what it is about Rite Aid, but I do to think of it as a dirty store. It's always my last resort. Love CVS, but my CVS doesn't carry NYC at all. Found the nicest lady on MUA and she went to her Rite Aid in CA and bought up the Sunstone's for me and is sending them to me. I'm sooo exciting.