Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tag! I'm it now... :)

I was tagged by the lovely Yelebella to give 16 random fact about myself. Ok, this is going to be hard... I'm kinda boring. LOL

1. I lived in Guatemala for two years and have about 13 Guatemala stamps in my passport. I worked at an orphanage there...I moved there when I turned 19. Myself and 3 other girls worked with the babies... this was a full-time job (no pay)...a 24/7 job. Basically we were these babies mommas because we were in charge of them around the clock..feeding them, bathing them, loving them, taking care of them when they were sick. We had 13 kids under 2 in our care.

2. I become interested in make-up from the time I could walk. I have pictures of me from when I was 2 when I got into my moms make-up... my face covered in purple eyeshadow.. or the time when I found the markers and colored my lips and cheeks red and my eyes were colored in blue. Ha ha.

3. I have two little sons! They are exactly 17 months apart. Neither were planned but both are gifts.

4. I secretly want to have my own TV show.. I dream about it. I secretly wanna be an actress too... but who doesn't?

5. I must have A.D.D or something because I get really excited about a project or doing something but then I just stop doing it and never finish it. I wish I wasn't like that. It's a bad quality.

6. I'm actually rrreeeally inscure about looks. If I could tweak like 10 things about my face/body maybe I'd be a little more content but probably not.

7. I used to be obsessed with myspace than it went to facebook and now it's youtube

8. I llloooovvve coca-cola. I crave it if I don't get at least one can a day.

9. I hate to work out. Hate it. All my life I always weighted 100-105lbs and never worked out a day in my life... but now that I've had two babies I think I might have to!!:(

10. I hate my hair. It's naturally curly and it takes forever to straighten it and it never looks right. I've been growing my hair long for 6 years and it's taking sooooo long!!

11. Websites that I check daily (some are weird) hotmail, youtube, myspace, facebook, danasdirt.com, celebrity-babies.com, google, makeupalley

12. I'm addicted to HGTV! I love love love to decorate and wish I had a million bucks to make my house they way I want it.

13. I hate to clean. My house looks like a bomb went off every night...toys everywhere, books, sippy cups on the floor...and night after night I pick everything and line all my sons cars up...and I'm soooo over cleaning!!

14. I love to dance. I took salsa lessons when I was in Guatemala and I so wish that I was an amazing salsa dancer.

15. I'm so not adventurous with make-up. I stick to a semi natural look... if I were to put black eyeshadow on I'd seriously look like a drag queen. I don't think I look good with a lot of make-up on... it makes me look horrible. If I try something new and put my blush on darker or make my eyes darker I get super insecure about it and have a hard time looking people in the face because I think I look horrible!!!

16. I would give anything to live somewhere warm (ie Cali, AZ, FL) because I hate the cold...brrr... but I couldn't stand being far from family especially now that I have two small kids.

I TAG YOU!!!!!!!!


Yelebella said...

Wow, wow, wow! Not only are you drop dead gorgeous but you are beautiful inside too! That's so cool that you got to do what you did in Guatemala for 2 years! NO wonder you are such a great mommy now! Was it tough for you to leave? You probably became attached to those kids.

You could absolutely have your own TV show...you have the look, you speak well, you just need to meet the right connections. But you know, there was a study on students from Yale. This is not 100% relevant, but you'll see the connection. There were three groups - one group of students who did not have specific goals, second group who had goals but did not write them down, and the third group of students who had set goals and wrote them down. As you can imagine, later down the road, the second group of students ended up wealthier than the first, and the third group of students was way beyond anyone (salary and success-wise). So write down your goal and perhaps you'll actually get there!! And then we can all watch you on TV. Wow...I just wrote a book.

Sarah Bella said...

@ Yelebella
Thanks sooo much for your verrryyy kind words. You are so sweet.
Leaving Guatemala was one of the hardest things for me...I still dream and long for it to this day. I've never felt more at home and at peace in a place in my life. Someday I'll bring my boys to visit.

I agree with that study from Yale. I think it's so important to write your goals down. My husband and I wrote down 10 goals for this year and placed it on the inside door of our kitchen cupboard that way we'll see it everyday.

And as for my own TV show... I wish... sadly I'm in the wrong State for connections!;) Althought there are like 40 movie (Michigan) productions coming to my state this year so that's a good thing!!

Thanks for your comment!!:)

Yelebella said...

So interesting! How did you find out about Guatemala program? Thats just so faschinating.

Well keep up the amazing job you do here on blogspot and youtube and you never know what might come your way :-)

nikkiga1530 said...

Quick question Sarah Bella, what do you use on your eyebrows? Do you fill them in or use brow powder. They are very well groomed.

Sarah Bella said...

first I brush my brows into place then I put a little dark brown eyeshadow from a NYX trio into my brows... this color works perfect and the best color I've tried so far.
I pluck them every about every other day... don't know why! Just don't like stray hairs.

Sarai said...

hey sarahbella! i really love your random facts. they are random! but definitely interesting :) you are a great person inside and out. i truly admire that. we need more people like you in the world

take care!

Marissa said...

omg! i know what it means been in a hot country and then leaving it for a cold one lol! i was born in panama and moved to canada trust me.. first winter one word HORRIBLE!!lol.. i cant get use to it.. i still miss home lol!