Friday, December 5, 2008

Revlon ColorStay...oh how you've impressed me!!

I haven't gotten drug store foundation in years... actually, I honestly haven't worn foundation until this year. I use Bare Minerals daily but I'm getting older. LOL Well, I'm only 25 but I'm noticing I some days need just a little more coverage and more of a finished look. I've been reaalllyy wanting to try the Make Up Forever HD Foundation but it's $40 and I need to be spending money on others this season and not myself!:) I've heard good and bad things about the MUFE so the bad things have kinda made me hesitant about getting it.
I heard that the Revlon ColorStay is a close dupe. I got it last night and I'm seriously impressed. I like it wayyy better than my MAC Studio fix for sure. The Revlon feels so smooth and light on my skin and no nasty scent like the MAC. The coverage is great without looking cakey. It was $10! Can't beat that!!
I got my color in 180 Sand Beige... and it's the perfect color for me... it's just a little darker than NW20...and that's perfect because the NW20 was just a little too light for me so this color is perfection!!


Av said...

I would love the HD foundation too, am considering buying it on Sunday. I had a sample of it and it is amazing I love it. I am NW25 in studio fix and I got a sample of #125 in the mufe. When I say I have never got as good a match in foundation - I love it. Must try the revlon colorstay (could be a cheaper alternative!!) Thanks for the recomm x

Grumpy Toast said...

Hi Sarah...I was wondering if you would do a blog/YouTube vid on what brushes you have/use? I really admire your style, it seems very similar to the things I like to wear, so would be great to see your tools!!!

Thank you x x x

Sarah Bella said...

@ Grumpy Toast- I will do that!!:) Thanks for the comment!!:)

nikkiga1530 said...

I actually stumbled across this at Big Lots, never go there just happened to stop there with a friend and they had it in a pack with the colorstay pressed powder for $6.99!!! This stuff is awesome, can't tell the difference between it and MAC SFF and the price can't beat it!