Thursday, December 11, 2008

Make-up Vanity

I don't have a proper make-up vanity and it makes me sad. Boo hoo. I have to sit down doing my make-up for some reason so I have a full length mirror in our walk-in closet and it sit on the floor in there. Horrible lighting. Not enough space. Not enough storage. Not happpy.
I saw the COOLEST vanity at IKEA a few years ago. It was a tall vanity and it had doors on the front so at first glace it looked like a modern cupboard/desk with a tall stool. When you open it up...*gasp*...every girls dream! *sigh* The inside was a huge mirror and the doors had lights on them and the inside at the top of the mirror had lights = FAB LIGHTING. It had several drawers. It was in a word...perfect! I literally sat at it for 10 minutes (mind you I was 9 months preggers and a few days overdue with my first son but whatever) and went back to it a few times while we were there. It was $500 so I didn't get it... but I dream of it.
I tried to look for a picture of it but I couldn't find it online! :( :(
I saw this's TOTALLY differnet than the IKEA one and it's totally girly but it's 2, ha! nevermind! I found it at this site and they have some cute ones and some ugly ones, too.



lollipop26 said...

I would love a proper vanity too. at the moment I cope with containers and a hand held mirror and it just isn't cutting it! :)

*stars*in*my*pocket* said...

I would kill for a vanity. I installed shelving above my toilet in my bathroom... not a good idea- everything I drop goes right in the toilet...