Saturday, December 27, 2008

Make Up Forever HD Power Review

I must admit I had REALLY high hopes and expectations for this powder. I'm sad to report I am extreamly disappointed! I really dislike this stuff! It makes my face feel really dry and kinda cakey. It claims to be completely sheer but it makes me look uber white! It's a very messy product. It's hard to put on without it getting on your shirt or pants or even in your hair! It didn't give me that polished look as I was hoping. The BE Mineral Vail is a different type of product but basically the same idea and I'd have to say save your money on the MUFE Powder because the Mineral Vail will give you the same effect but maybe even better. The BE never made my face feel dry! Today at Sephora I picked up Lorac's Translucent Touchup Powder in TL2... this stuff is amazing. This is the type of product I was hoping the MUFE HD Power would be. The Lorac's does give a little color to the face but it's very light and sheer... covers my pores and smooths out my face. I highly recommend this over the HD Power any day.
Like any review this is only my opinion... beauty is subjective. Some people may love this and some may not... and I'm one who doesn't care for it sadly.


Yelebella said...

Since my skin is oily, this powder definitely helps to combat that during the day...and I stay perfectly dry. But on the days when my skin is dry, I stay away!! I completely agree with you about how the color is not transluscent as stated! My face also gets an ashy white/grey hint once I dust this on. Which is why I apply a lot of bronzer after...but that just seems like a lot of work.

Sarah Bella said...

See...I have verrryyy dry skin so it was a complete nightmare!
It is a lot of work.. you are right. I'm sad it didn't work as I thought it would!:(

nikkiga1530 said...
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