Thursday, December 11, 2008

It was never a diss

I wanna make something clear... I never "dissed" Enormous Lash. Someone thinks it funny how one day I'm dissing it and the next day selling it. In my post about being annoyed was because when I returned there was a big misunderstanding because I had bought mine off of ebay and not directly from the company. Everything is worked out and I started talking to the lovely ladies at the company and they told me how I can being a selling "Diva" for them and it sounded like a GREAT business opportunity because I'm a stay at home momma and it would be a great way to make some extra money. Beauty Society sells other things besides Enormous Lash... they sell the most amazing skin care/anti aging products.

Again I must say... I never dissed Enormous Lash. I just had a baby and really don't have the patience right right now for it. It says it could take 6 to 12 weeks to kick in and I only gave mine a fair 3 weeks. In my first blog about it I said I started to see new hair sprout out within a few days of using it. To me that's pretty impressive! So, I wanna make it clear.. I never dissed them.
SO, if you guys think it's "funny" that I'm now selling it... than that's fine. I'm also selling EVERYTHING from that company...which is a great line. It's not your Grandma's skincare company... it's fresh and youthful and seriously really good!

I'm sorry if you think it's "funny" I'm selling this stuff but hey that's ok. It's gonna help out my family and create a good business for me!:)'s stuff I love skincare and cosmetics!!:)


lollipop26 said...

hey sarah :) at first i thought it was a bit contradictory but now you have explained it i wish you all the best :) And it's not like I havent ever changed my mind about a product before! I have heard about Beauty Society and definitely want to try the Photoshoot product - it sounds perfect :)

Anonymous said...

It seems i'm the only one so far who understood why you were selling it after discontinuing using the prouct, even though you repeatedly said you'd had growth & even that was without giving it a fair chance! so if anything, I think it makes the product sound even more impressive! I've liked products in the past but haven't had the time to use them as advised but can tell they work & would recommend to others so I don't see any problem here. Good luck selling! :) also interested in the Photoshoot product, too! Do you ship to the UK?

Sarah Bella said...

@ Lollipop26
I can totally understand how it would have sounded a bit contradictory... I was having a bit of a time with the whole eBay/paypal thing and THAT was making me mad that's why I was venting about it...ya know.
I'd love to give Enormous Lash a fair chance in a few months when I have time to obsess about it...cause as you know when you do something like this you sit in front of the mirror every night looking for growth...which I did when I was pregnant... then baby came and that just wasn't as important anymore..ya know? If I can get lashes like yours than I'm so down for being obessed with it in a few months!!:)

Sarah Bella said...

@ anonymous,
Thanks for understanding me!!:)
I don't know if we ship to the UK but I can find that out for you if you are intersted in a product. :)

Anonymous said...

No worries :) always nice to know someone's on your side! hehe.
If you could, that would be great! I can't say I could purchase it right away but if I knew and can save for it, then I would at some point. :)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you with your new business venture. May success be yours.