Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beauty Society

Hello my beautifuls! I have a new business venture...and I wanted to share all the amazing cosmetic/skincare products with you... if you see anything you like make sure to get them from

It's winter now...and my skin is dry... but I have a secret weapon!
Love Thy Face by Beauty Society! It's an ultra-rich moisturizer that will leave your face feeling so beautiful.. sooooo smooth! It's super gentle on the skin for all your sensitive skin girls... like my self.
Check it out here... it's so worth it and so helpful for dry skin!

Another product I recommend is called Photoshoot. It seriously makes you look like you just had a photoshoot with an amazing MUA working her (or his) magic on your face. Product description goes as follows..
"Get ready for your close-up with this translucent matte emulsion that glides on like silk and instantly gives your skin a warm, vibrant, flawless glow! Using a revolutionary soft-light diffusion technology that deflects light away from the skin, Photo Shoot gives a luminous smoothness to even the roughest surface, softening fine lines and wrinkles, "shrinking" pores and evening out discoloration and harsh skin tones (including rosacea). Perfect for use under all-out "glammy" makeup...or even when you just feel like baring it all."

Yes... it's as amazing as it sounds!!
Check it out here-

We also sell the famous Enormous Lash. I stopped using mine... not because it was a bad product but because I got lazy... ok... maybe not lazy putting it on but I guess I got impatient. I'm gonna start using it again works. Just look at lollipop26's eyes... holy cow!! AMAZING!!!

Please check it out and if you are interested in any of the products feel free to ask me anything about them.

THANKS, girls!!!!


eleanor said...

thats weird, i thought you said that enormous lash doesnt work for you in your magic lash video on youtube? & now you're selling it and saying that it works? what?

Sarah Bella said...

it didn't work for me because I didn't give it the time if you read in my blog I said I saw new hairs sprout up within days of using it... I just had a baby and stopped using it cause I wanted a quick fix.

Jessica said...

I can't get to the site says error, the page doesn't exist. Poo, I really wanted to check out the skincare.


Sarah Bella said...

Here is a working site

Anonymous said...

omg eleanor...are you the f-ing mascara police??