Monday, December 22, 2008

Beauty Society and My skin care routine

For some odd reason the website I posted before isn't working anymore. I've had a few people ask about the site so here it is...

I've been using these products for my daily skincare routine. I've have NO break outs and extreamly smooth skin since I've started using it. These products are very gentle and perfect of sensitive skin.

Here is what I've been using-
First I cleanse my face with the "EASY GOING gentle creme cleanser". It's very gentle on the skin yet gets all the make-up off...which is a must! It's so important to get all the make-up out of your pores. You know what clogged pores means, ladies. Nasty pimples!

Then I use the "Crystal Ball microdermabrasion treatment" 3 times a week. I was using MAC's product like this and MAC's was just ok... but I've really like the Crystal Ball. It makes my face feel like it did when I was a soft!!

After I wash my face I use "Our Little Secret" firming serum. This does a great job to firm the skin...

Then I use "LOVE THY FACE miracle moisturizer". My skin has been SOOOO dry this winter and this has really help...BIG TIME!

The final step is Photoshoot make-up primer. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!! I've tried the MAC Prep & Prime.. hated it. I've tired the Smashbox primer...yuck. The Photoshoot has a very matte/smooth feel... yet very light on the skin. It make the make-up look flawless and very smooth on your face.

Once a week I use "UPTIGHT hyper firming masque"....and this mask is wear it for 10 minutes and it tightens your face right...when you are wearing it though... don't try and drink you won't be able to open your mouth that wide. Like I said...It does an amazing job at tighting your face.

So, using these products daily you will have great skin. My skin has gone down the crapper these past few years from tanning, having two babies, being stressed out, getting older... I truly do believe these will be my fountain of youth if I continue to use them...which I'm going to. I've tried a lot of products and I can honestly say I've been extreamly impressed with all of these. I wouldn't tell you so if I wasn't!:)


Sarai said...

wow. those products are pricey! but... you know... skin.. especially on your face, is super delicate so spending a good amount is always worth it. i put them in my "wish list" already! oh by the way sarah, the make up forever HD foundation, that wasnt a great picture of it but thats ok. let me just say it hasnt broke me out and the finish is gorgeous. and i'm the number 115 in MUFE and NC20 in MAC :) i tried the 120 for MUFE and its close too. they make very specific shades so they are easy to match.


Sarah Bella said...

What are you talking about...that was a great picture of you! Thanks for the color advice... I'm an NW20 right I guess I'll just have to play around with the colors to see what works when I go to Sephora's.
These products are really good...and I know what you mean about the price but I've spend $60 on cream from Dior... or spend $45 on a brush from MAC! I've realized that I HAVE to take good care of my face otherwise all the make-up I do buy will just look bad on.

3ate4 said...

Looking forward to trying the primer, did you find out about the shipping yet? sorry to keep bothering you! just trying to save for it and keep the money aside if I can get it!

PatriciaErin said...

Sarah, I was wondering if there was any way to order the"Acne Relief Collection" but substitute the Set Me Free with the Easy Going cleanser?

I talked to you on Twitter about the stuff earlier but forgot to ask you this!

javieth said...

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