Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are you warm or cool colored?

I have warm coloring but I found this very helpful understanding what that really meant. I found it at Carefair.com Here is the article.

"Am I Warm or Cool?

No two colors tell which category you’re in better than gold and silver. Place two color swatches, one gold and one silver under natural or bright incandescent light (fluorescent lights change your skin tone and will not give you an accurate color test.) Remove all jewelry from your hands. Place one hand on the gold swatch and the other on the silver swatch. One hand will look pasty, the other healthy and bright. If the hand on the gold swatch looks best, you are a warm. If the hand on the silver swatch looks best, you’re cool. Remember, these categories have nothing to do with your personality. It simply identifies your natural skin tone.

Look closely at the back of your hand, warm skin tones will have yellow-orange cast. Cool skin tone has no yellow-orange. If you’re a cool, you’ll see blue undertones.

This is key to building a color cosmetic palette that will complement your skin. Choose shades with frost or shimmer and undertones according to the hue of your skin.

What are “My Colors”?

It’s difficult to start choosing shades of make up in an attempt to find your best look. Instead, start with an easy, do-it-yourself color test to find what shades will compliment your face as well as your wardrobe– both work together to give you your perfect look.

Remove all make up and style your hair as you usually do. (If your hair is colored, pull it back or wrap in a white towel. This will tell you if your hair color is your best shade.) In front of a mirror large enough to see your entire face and shoulders, under bright sunlight or natural lighting, drape yellow material (any articles of clothing will do) around the front of your neck across bare shoulders and chest. Look at how that color affects your face. If you are warm, it will brighten your appearance, minimize dark shadows and draw attention to your eyes. If you’re cool the effect will be just the opposite. Your face will look sallow and blotchy with pronounced shadows around the eyes, nose and mouth. If you’re cool toned, drape blue material to see the effect you’re going for – bright skin and eyes with no pronounced shadows. Continue to color test all your favorite tops. Make two piles, one that works and one that doesn’t. When you’re done, look at the pile that works. Those colors will tell you what makeup shades are best for you.

In general you will find that warm tones best wear beige-based foundations and concealers while cool tones wear ivory-based foundations and concealers.

Warm tones best wear color cosmetics in natural earth colors like mocha, bronze and browns in shades from camel to warm dark taupe. Try eye colors in bright navy, warm tawny oranges and sage, olive, moss, jade, grass, celery and apple greens. Experiment with highlighter shades in white, peach and apricot. For a night out, look for lipstick shades in brick red, dark tomato or burnt orange. Be sure your shimmer has translucent gold undertones.

Cool tones best wear rich colors. Try eye wear in vivid blue-red tones from royal to aquatic blues, sapphire to soft pastels. Look for deep emerald and icy greens, plum and rose-based pinks. Choose highlighter shades in pure or soft white. Pure black mascara enhances cool skin. Be bold in lip colors like ruby and electric pinks."

Have a great night!:)


Rebecca said...

I was once cool toned and now I am warm. It goes back and forth.. so that must mean I am really a neutral.

Sarah~ said...

Thanks Sarah for doing this! The silver and the gold swatches on the hand turned out perfect and I now truly know what I am! Thanks a million!

mizzworthy said...

That is so helpful, thanks xxx

M_S said...

I love this info! I have such a hard time figuring out what my skin tone really is because every makeup shade seems to be not quite right on me. The back of my hand is golden but veins on the inside of my wrist are blue so Ive been so confused. THIS I am definitely going to try though, thank you!