Monday, November 24, 2008

Prestige Pure Shimmer

I went to Walgreens and picked this up today. Lollipop26 reviewed this on her blog and it looked beautiful on her... though she can pull everything off so I had to try it, too!

I don't really care for this color to be honest with you so I think I'm going to take it back and it the Glam Tan I believe it's called (they were out today so I grabbed the Pure Shimmer).

These things smell like CLAY! Yuck yuck yuck! It's a very strong smell, too! The smell doesn't linger but it's strong at first! The Pure Shimmer is way to light on me and totally washes me out.

Fingers crossed they get the Glam Tan soon because I'm not digging this one!!:(

1 comment:

happy1234 said...

Its a a shame you dont like this - I got it after reading Lollipop26 review too and I really like it - donesnt really give me a colour but a nice sheen on the top of my blush.