Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CHI Flat Iron

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with it. I found mine off of I just typed CHI flat iron and on the page it says look at new or used so I clicked on it and I found a new one going for $60.. good deal but what made the deal was if you open up a VISA card through Amazon they give you $30 back... so I got my CHI for $30... ok... that's awesome. These Flat Irons are anywhere from $170-70 new... make sure you look at amazon if you are interested in one!!

Ok.. so my thoughts on it.

I have a really long, wavy/curly hair.. pretty much difficult hair! The CHI did an amazing/FAST job at making my hair look really straight and very shiny! I love how you can curl your ends with it, too. My only gripe is it gets SOOOOO hot... I burnt my fingers a few times. The outer shell gets so hot and and because the iron is so thin there is not much to grab and if you aren't careful you will burn your fingers on the side.

I'm pleased with it and would recommend this to any friend and I do think it's worth the price and in my case I didn't have to pay much and I hope you have the same luck as I did if you are looking into getting this!!


kimCHI said...

hello! Just passing through! Im new to the blogging community! Let me just say that I swear by my CHI iron with my life. I've been through two of them in the past 4 years and not once have I had any complaints with it. If you want to achieve the full effect of the CHI, I recommend purchasing the SILK INFUSION. That stuff does absolute wonders to your hair =) got your iron at a good deal. Just to let you know, CHI has a warranty on their items so I also highly recommend keeping the original box for it. They replaced mine for free =)

marisol said...

Yay! Glad that it is working our for you.